VI. ro?níkEmail: manzelu@seznam.czWorks:Inlay in space - prostorová intarsie2008intars wood, 160×72x35 cmShort description of your work: Creation of plasticity of principle and workprocedures are important in a process of formation of inlay, it means insertingone material into another one with the purpose of creation of decorative surface.Sgraffito in space - Prostorové sgrafito2008Sgrafito, 70×50x35cmShort description of your work: In case of Sgraffito we deal with multipliedtypical illusion of spatial sign, the so called notes, or in other words we dealwith illusion of space in space, not in the area of facade.Lavi?ka – BenchLavi?ka2009, 90×70x50, combined techniqueObjekt navazuje na p?edchozí práce Inlay in space a Sgrafito in space, ve kterých jsem se v?noval obdobné tématice a to vyvedení plošného dekoru, techniky a v tomto p?ípad? tektonického zp?sobu stavby, hrázd?ného zdiva, do prostorového objektu.Lidské m??ítko odpovídá užitému charakteru objektu jako lavi?ky, což by se dalo s nadsázkou  považovat jako  redesign  architektury v nábytek.BenchThe object connects to previous work “Inlay in space” and “Sgrafito in space” in which I dedicated to similar theme including symbolization of areal decorating, technique and in this case tectonical way of construction and frame masonry to cubical object.Human nature matches to used character of the bench. With exaggeration we can consider that as a redesign of architecture to furniture.