Džado? Tomáš
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140x 90×70 cm - plywood, electric fen, home made bacon of my grandmother

I realized, that big part of our life is filled with the products. A fen that looks like a spider, a toaster that looks like an alien, etc. The designer`s task is to cover the technical part /for me the most important/ of products for the purpose of selling.
I used that strategy for my sculpture. I hide my grand mother`s home made bacon into a minimal-like shape to show the contrast between how things look like and how they are
Hyperlink 2006

visualization for my birthtown POPRAD (east Slovakia)- work in progressThe mistake is made. The socialist urban projects destroyed the marvellous countryside. I grew up in such an utopic project. I was lucky to be able to watch the Tatra mountains from my window. Finally that blocks were not so bad.
The proportion changed. From family houses to 13-floor blocks. From houses built by their owners to flats built by the regimeFOLK ARCHITECTURE MONUMENT / Pamätník ?udovej architektúry 2006



the comunist blocks of flats made in traditional architectural slovak way (log houses)


My grandparents would probably decribe their home as the place where they were born. Unfortunatelly my answer can not be the same. I was born in another place than the place I live now, and probably I will have to move several times in the future. So my home would be something which is asociated with movement.
I took the traditional arragement from a traditional wooden house and redesigned it to a standard caravan willing to link contemporary way of life with former values
TRADITIONAL CARAVAN / Tradi?ný karaván 2006


300x 250×50 cm - YTONG blocks 50×25x25 cm each
YTONG piece 2006

13 m long, home made bacon
*SCAPE 2005

2 cabinets - Essl Award finul ehibition, Prague
CARPENTERS JOINTS / Tesárske spoje (rovné preplátovanie) 2007

site-specific project, gallery STAIRS, Koszalin Poland
SPACE EXPERIENCE / Priestorová skúsenos? 2000

traditional decorative painting walls, slide of my grandmother`s goat

Sunday was a day to go visit my grandmother. Her house is a source of my inspirations.I still remember the bacon, the incredible green garden and the pure white goat.I drunk a goat milk to be healtly as grandmother is. Her animals became the question of her survival. I remember that quite , happiness and goat is the symbol of that feelings.I used the slide, and flash it in the empty room. The goat flew in the air, what embodies unmaterial impressions of that time
SUNDAY/ Nede?a 2001

Real Bacon / Skuto?ná slanina 2003

400×170cm, cryl on canvas, GASKI beach, north Poland